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Integrated approach

Integrated approach to the management of food shelf life risks

Everything is interrelated; from food safety, shelf life, process management, production efficiency, to – last but not least – sensory properties, such as the taste of the final product. We consider managing food shelf-life risks from our unique integrated approach.

During the life-cycle of a product, smartfood R&D offers a comprehensive range of services for the pre-validation and interim monitoring of all shelf-life risks: the predictive modelling of recipes and processes, accelerated microbiological, physico-chemical and sensory research, specialist microbiology, challenge tests and, in particular, well-considered, easily applicable and customised advice. 

Risk-based process management

By establishing links between the individual components of shelf life, smartfood R&D makes it possible for production, NPD and quality management processes to be steered based on risk, making these processes more transparent and effective. 

Food producers can thus save costs and respond more quickly and effectively to developments in a market that is always in flux.

Integrated approach to the management of food shelf-life risks