R&D is our passion,

food shelf life is our expertise

Smartfood R&D is the independent expert in food shelf life testing. Our close-knit team of top
specialists is constantly involved in finding practical solutions for the widest possible
variety of shelf-life questions.

Accelerated shelf-life testing

Microbiological, physico-chemical and sensory shelf-life testing accelerated by a factor of up to 10.

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Predicitve modelling

Predictive microbiology is the initial step in substantiating the shelf life of your product.

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Challenge tests

Challenge tests using pathogens and non-pathogenic micro-organisms for any product and process.

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Industrial microbiology

Custom precision microbiology carried out in-house for each industrial production process.

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Process Validation

Validation of processes for the effective control of microbiological risks.

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Recipe development

Support in developing, implementing and scaling up recipes.

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