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About smartfood R&D

Our mission 

Smartfood R&D stands for reliable and independent R&D advice. Our mission is to answer questions concerning shelf life.

Our vision on food shelf life

We consider bringing safe food products to the market a responsibility we share with our clients. We continuously invest in research to find solutions to shelf-life issues we anticipate will play a role in the (near) future. 

From research to smartfood R&D

Smartfood R&D is based on the foundations of over five years of research into interactions between bacteria and natural characteristics of raw materials, carried out by Frank Cleophas, founder of smartfood R&D. During his research, Frank made a number of interesting discoveries; he succeeded in extending the shelf life of food using the natural characteristics of raw materials.

Over the last two decades, smartfood R&D has developed into the independent specialist in the shelf life of food and non-food products for companies. We work with a close-knit team of absolute specialists in their fields, with a focus on predictive modelling, accelerated and real-time shelf-life research, microbiology, recipe development, process validation, physico-chemical analyses and challenge testing. R&D is our passion; food shelf-life our speciality.

Frank Cleophas CEO smartfood R&D Experts in food shelf life


"Unsolvable problems are made up of solvable partial problems"
- Frank Cleophas, founder and CEO of smartfood R&D