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Accelerated shelf-life testing

Accelerated microbiological, physical-chemical and sensory shelf-life testing combined

Building on the foundations of over 25 years of experience in accelerated shelf-life testing, we can accelerate microbiological, physico-chemical and sensory shelf-life tests by a factor of up to 10.

Combining accelerated microbiological and/or physico-chemical shelf-life tests with accelerated sensory testing leads us to the very core of the matter: what happens to the taste and other sensory properties of products during their shelf life?

By accelerating shelf-life tests, we can identify and remedy future shelf-life problems at an early stage. 

From product idea to validated recipe in 6 weeks

Quick certainty about the expected shelf life is crucial when developing new products. We establish – in advance – the relevant critical parameters for a new product or process using predictive modelling, after which we validate the calculated shelf life using accelerated and real-time shelf-life tests. All this contributes greatly in preventing unexpected issues afterwards. 

Accelerated shelf life testing

By approaching shelf-life risks from various perspectives, we provide our clients with the tools to manage a wide variety of shelf-life risks.
We refer to this as the integrated approach to shelf-life risks and consider it to be an obvious component of high-quality and solid R&D. 

Combining accelerated microbiological and sensory shelf-life tests reveals process defects 

Despite our expertise in managing shelf-life risks, nonetheless we occasionally encounter some surprises. We once saw a striking difference in microbiological stability between two different production batches of the same product in the development phase. It turned out that this difference in microbiological stability was related to the deterioration in rheological properties (consistency) in one of the production batches.

By combining accelerated microbiological and accelerated sensory shelf-life testing, we were able to link the difference in microbiological stability to the different rheological properties of the two production batches. 

Working with our client, we identified the cause of the rheological anomaly. After establishing that the rheological anomalies were caused by an error in the manufacturing process, we adapted the production process in consultation with the client.

Solving the rheological issues also solved the cause of the microbiological spoilage, resulting in a predictable, stable product shelf life.

Accelerated shelf life testing


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